I was born in San Diego in 1949 and traveled with my Navy family around the states and Japan until graduating from high school in Annandale, Va.

I did three semesters at the University of New Hampshire in the Art Department, dropped out to hitch-hike the East Coast a bit, and then came to Fort Wayne to go to the Division of General and Technical Studies at Indiana University, receiving an Associate Degree in Commercial Art in 1974.

Some classes were taught at the Fort Wayne School of Fine Arts, where I fell in love with the School and the Neighborhood it was in, West Central.  The day I graduated, I moved into the Neighborhood and have lived there ever since.

West Central is a magical place of gorgeously restored Old Homes and Open Hearted and Open Minded people.

For my graduating class I did a T-Shirt; and then started a tiny T-Shirt Printing Company, Designing and Silk-Screening, which morphed into Airbrushed Clothing.

During this time I rented several different spaces for gallery, studio for me and studio space for other artists:  Woman’s Work, A Building Gallery, B Building Gallery, the Art Factory, ArtUp and now West Central Studio.

I have always painted.  When I turned 50 in 1999 I realized all I really wanted was to paint.  I went to three West Central friends, explained I wanted to do a series of House Portraits, they agreed to commission me and I was off.

As the series went on, different personality types began being represented in the finished pieces and that became my focus.

“I attempt to put a bit of the personality of the owner into the painting by playing with line, color and perspective.  Some are more animated than others.”  That’s my line.

4 Responses to Biography

  1. Etson Hougland says:

    I am doing a book about my family. They were canning industry pioneers in the early part of the last century. I have a picture of a Sauerkraut can that is fuzzy…I took it off the internet……What I need is someone to recreate this can…NOT a big project..but it would make a great book cover.

    Etson Hougland

  2. Robin says:

    Sweet Lady,
    Let’s set up a time when I can come visit AND buy a T pot. I think it would look great with my vegetables.
    I miss seeing you!

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