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THE BOOK of My West Central House Portraits.  48 Color Reproductions, a few Black & Whites, a (cherry picked) history of West Central, Fort Wayne & some of the Homes, and a map of the Homes’ locations.  The more research I do the more interested I get in Fort Wayne History.

Available at:

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Paradigm Gallery

311 East Main Street

Fort Wayne, IN 46802


                                 Copy Solutions at Time Corners

                      West Jefferson Boulevard & Covington Road


The Castle Gallery

College and West Wayne


                                                       OR email me at: and I will email YOU this!

Two Centuries & West Central

House Portraits & Diane Allen Groenert 


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make out your check and mail to: D. A. Groenert

PO Box 10353

Fort Wayne, IN  





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